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The “Norte Grande” has its southern limit at the “Copiapó” valley (about 800 kms north of “Santiago”) and it extends northwards more than 1,300 kms up to the Peruvian border.

The “Norte Chico” has its southern limit at the beach town “Los Vilos” (230 kms north of “Santiago”) and it spreads for about 600 kms up to the “Copiapó” valley. Most of this region is desert-like, save some beautiful green valleys.

The central valley is located between the “Los Vilos” beach town, 230 kms north from “Santiago”, and the city of “Talca”, 250 kms south of the Capital. With the exception of the cities of “Santiago”, “Valparaíso” and “Viña del Mar”, the most important attractions are the “Parque Nacional La Campana”, the “Sewel” mining camp and the coastal town of “Pichilemu”.

The south and lakes district, located between the central region and the Patagonia, includes a territory of about 800 kms in length, between the cities of “Talca” (250 kms south of “Santiago”), and “Puerto Montt”.

The Chilean Patagonia is glorified by a beauty rarely equalled throughout the globe. It spreads along more than 2,000 kms between the cities of “Puerto Montt” and the southernmost city in Chile, “Punta Arenas”.

Chilean islands have something dream-like about them… Easter island, probably the most isolated place on earth, with its Moais, myths and mysteries; “Chiloé”, an island lost in time that gave birth to the most beautiful churches, its shallops and its mystic legends; and of course, “Robinson Crusoe”, the most famous island in literature…