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Considering that each traveller has his own interests, his preferences and his own pace, and as one of our distinctive features is flexibility, we don’t have a catalogue of standard products. Instead, here we suggest a variety of travel examples, that will be of use for building a journey as suits you best. Browse through our PERSONAL INTERESTS section or the CHILE BY REGION section, and specially, don’t hesitate in seeking our advice if you need help to make choices for your trip. (CONTACT)


“The Desert’s Summon” and “The Limitless Cosmos of Atacama”, are two proposals we have for visiting San Pedro de Atacama and its outskirts, a rare pearl among Chile’s treasures. Nevertheless, the Norte Grande offers many small scale wonders in its Wildlife, Wide Spaces, Archaeology, History, Culture and Astronomy. Don’t hesitate in seeking our help to organize and quote a trip as you prefer, we will do it with pleasure.


The tour proposals that we mention here are but two of our most cherished tours for visiting the Patagonia and its Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in a few days, either as part of a longer trip throughout the rest of the country – or throughout the southern cone – or for someone that doesn’t have time for a lengthier trip around Chile. However, we have fantastic alternatives, like the cruises through the Patagonian channels, the voyage from “Tierra del Fuego” to “Ushuaia”… Ask for our advice.


The biggest island in South America is a very unknown destination. In Chiloé you’ll find a blend of the most pristine and freewheeling environments with one of the most surprising traditional cultures in Latin America. Its churches classified as World’s Heritage, its “paláfitos” (traditional pile dwellings built in the tide zone), its shellfish, its traditional culture, its handicraft y and the hospitality of its people, are frankly notorious. Here you can go fishing, watch birds and penguins and also go seafaring to sight whales.


Coming to Chile and not visit the “Perla del Pacífico” (Pearl of the Pacific) would be so unfortunate as not tasting our wines or seafood, but beware, Valparaiso’s charm isn’t always available for everyone, and although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, one requires a guide that can disclose its treasures and accompany you to the suburbs, Funiculars and Hills eand museums that will touch your heart. Here we suggest two one-day alternatives, however, if you like tango, late nights and bohemia, a nights stay is compelling. Ask for our advice.


For many foreigners, our Capital is merely an obliged stop on the way to the Patagonia or the northern desert. It’s very understandable for someone in a hurry. It’s true that Santiago isn’t Buenos Aires, but let us prove to you that this city deserves, at least, a one-day or two-day’s visit. We propose you discover “The Real Santiago” or tour “A Different Santiago” than the one you’d see on a typical city-tour. On your way back you’ll never forget that between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean you can find Santiago de Chile, a Capital out of the ordinary.


Either if you come to Santiago to work a few days, leaving the weekend for relaxing, or if you are on holidays, the outskirts around Santiago offer a load of tours to choose from.
The Andes Mountain Rang, et the Spa’s, the “El Morado” nature park, the “La Campana” national park, the historical vineyards and the “campamento minero de Sewell”, (the “Sewell” Mine’s miners camp, a World’s Heritage) are some of our most preferred.


Among us, poetry is dreams come true. The Nobel Prize winners, the “payadores” (improvising folk trovadors), some unknown and anonymous have left their imprints, not only through their art, but also through their lives, houses, museums, restaurants, recipes, bars and cemeteries. We invite you to meet them, through their poems and their surroundings, touring these places, throughout a day, accompanied by an unrivalled expert, either in “Santiago”, “Isla Negra”, “Valparaíso” or other spots. See less, see more.


The outskirts of Santiago offer many prospects for Bird-watching as also other fauna. In the Andes Mountain Range one can find 7 endemic species of birds, as also a rich variety of mountain species. On the other side, the Pacific, thanks to the Humboldt current, has an abundance of sea birds, and seafaring is always a fantastic experience. The “Albatros aullador” (Wandering albatross), the “Albatros real” (Royal albatross), the “Albatros real del Norte” (Northern Royal albatross), the “Albatros de Buller” (Buller’s albatross), the “Albatros de Salvin” (White-capped albatross), the “Albatros de Chatham” (Chatham’s Albatross) y the “Albatros cejas negras” (Black-browed Albatros)…

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