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Chile is a country full of charm and treasures, its nature and its landscapes are unique, extraordinary and touching; when one utters Valparaíso, Patagonia, Easter island, Atacama desert, the air fills with magic. Add our hospitability, the taste of our wines, fish and shellfish…Yes, we are proud to welcome you to Planeta Chile.

The Spirit Planeta Chile

The transport of tourist groups to picturesque spots or performing typical routine tours is not our purpose. At Planeta Chile each guest is unique, as is each trip. We will listen to your personal interests & your priorities and embrace them.

We are passionately focused on providing an authentic experience of our country.
For example, if during your stay, you get interested in experiencing Chilean hospitality in a more genuine way, we will propose alternatives to share part of everyday life with a local family that will welcome you as a true “amigo”.
When visiting Santiago, if you want to combine historical topics with real-world ones, we’ll suggest a walk through the historic district visiting the museum of Pre-Columbian Art, the presidential palace “La Moneda”, then, if you wish, we may have a “café con piernas”, literally “coffee with legs” (an institution downtown Santiago since the mid-1990s); coffee shops with Bar maidens serving steaming cups of frothy “cortados” in bikinis and similar attire while office workers and those running errands stop in to experience this classic coffee Santiaguino style (ladies welcome as well!), before going to the “Mercado Central” (a food market formed by an array of small stalls), and later, have a rest in one of our most folkloric bars, where we’ll taste the “chicha” (a kind of cider).
Or, while we visit Valparaiso, if you are tempted to stay overnight, we’ll suggest an unforgettable experience dancing Tango facing the harbour (and, before going to the club, we can even teach you some basic steps!).
When discovering the Atacama desert, if you want to be amazed by the stars in the sky, we will take you to see an astronomer at San Pedro de Atacama, who professionally equipped, will delight you with his passion for the stars and with the hot chocolate that his wife prepares.

That is our spirit, and if you still don’t have an exact idea of the places you would like to visit or of the itinerary that you would like to follow, you may find inspiration at some travel Ideas that we suggest, and which you may modify with other alternatives at your free choice.

At Planeta Chile we know how to be hospitable, we are flexible and we are reliable. We provide all the logistics and all the requirements so your trip shall be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Who are we?

We are Vicente Sota, Nathalie lecompte, Vicky Struthers, Juan Sota, and Yves Lecompte, five French & Anglo Chileans who have come together following our three passions: discover and share treasures, being genuine and working with excellence.


Vicente Sota

I am Chilean by family and French by experience. I grew up in Europe where I studied History and Languages. For six years I was devoted to guide tourists through the routes of Scottish Whisky, the routes of Goya in Spain, and the Danube through Austria and Hungary, ending up in France, specializing in the treasures of Paris, the Palace of Versailles and the Loire river Castles. Since I got back to Chile, I have roamed and roamed around the country, something that has allowed me to pick out the most interesting and beautiful spots. Falling in love again with this country, its beautiful and luxurious nature, this is how, with the woman of my life, mi brother, my father in law and partners, I am adopting Planeta Chile as a passion.


nath-cuzco-copia.JPGNathalie Lecompte

I was born in Paris and grew up studying theatre and french literature. I met Vicente while he guided tourists around Europe, and after living a few years in Mexico, we moved to Chile, where I teach theatre and French. I like travelling a lot, discovering amazing landscapes, as well as the warmth of many families that welcome the stranger as part of the family. Now, working with our small family business, I enjoy sharing and promoting these treasures not only with my relatives and friends, but also with all those who prefer to travel outside the touristic highways.


vicky-struthers.jpgVicky Struthers

Anglo Chilean, I grew up in Santiago travelling every year to meet my English family. After college, I moved to Zermatt, a wonderful town & ski resort at the foot of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. For years I had an original gift store and I enjoyed the cultural exchange with customers from all over the world. Today, mother of three children, with Planeta Chile I enjoy doing what I like the most: to offer a unique experience for the traveller who wants to discover the natural and authentic Chile away from the obvious routes; its stunning landscapes, our warm people, our traditions, our wines & sea food….
I will be very happy to help you plan your trip, excursions, and accompany you to discover our Planeta Chile.


Yves Lecompte

I am a French heart surgeon just over sixty years old. At the end of my career, after travelling the world either for pleasure or need, I have attained the confidence that one can’t get to know a country without the mediation of the personal contact with its people. The tourist that is only a spectator or a consumer always misses the essentials. This is why I decided to team up with Vicente & Juan (Chileans imbued with the French culture), Nathalie and Vicky in this project that considers its sense of purpose to promote and share a unique experience instead of the mere intake of a standard product.


Juan Sota

After years searching al over the globe, I ended up finding, twenty five years ago, my little slice of paradise at San Pedro de Atacama, an oasis in the driest desert on earth, where I have been able to bring to life my passion for tourism with a special focus. A pioneer in this field when I arrived, and working non-stop as a guide and owner of different tourism projects till, along with my partners, I have been able to make use of my experience in the development and success of Planeta Atacama Lodge, & Planeta Chile, and as its name suggests, embrace this country and its wonders in all their extent.


Our Specialist Guides

Juan, Vicky and Vicente will accompany you in most of the journeys, however, if you are specially interested in bird watching, poetry, archaeology, etc., then your trip will need the company of real specialists like Fabrice, Miriam and Patricia, an ornithologist, an enthusiast of poetry, and an enthusiast of mountain, that are knowledgeable and enjoy sharing their passion


Fabrice Schmitt

An enthusiast of ornithology for more than 20 years, I fell in love with South American birds during my first trip to Peru in 1995. Since then I have been roaming the continent, visiting nearly all its countries, engaged in discovering its fauna, its flora, its people… Since year 2005 I live in Santiago de Chile where I am engaged in various activities with the “Asociación Chilena de estudio y protección de las aves” AvesChile, like coordinating the ornithology database and as a moderator of the discussion group at ObsChile. I’m also the head editor of the electronic magazine La Chiricoca.
I have undertaken, in partnership with my Chilean friend Rodrigo Barros, a study on the “Pajaro Amarillo” (Warbling Doradito, Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris) with the aim to determine the ecological demands of this species as also its biological characteristics (migration, reproduction site fidelity). I guide bird watching tours throughout Chile, Peru and Argentine.


Miriam Lahsen

I love poetry and literature like something alive, like a landscape that changes with the course of seasons. I love travelling and poetry is a fascinating and deep trip through the authors world, a world that enlightens and broadens mine, a trip that allows me to recognize my existence and my perception of this world and the other. At present I deliver literary workshops, and I am convinced that the best Chile has ever produced are its wines and its poets. Neruda is my poetic passion, and along with performing workshops on his work and life, I accompany visitors to enjoy his houses, profoundly experiencing his physical and poetical settings.
Master in Literature, I have the fortune of accomplishing my most deep call: to communicate with others in affectionate and transcendent surroundings as those one can find in art.


panguita_ok.jpgPatricia Anguita

My father Raoul, a founder of the ski resort La Parva, bequeathed me his unconditional passion for the mountain and skiing that has marked my life forever. Teenager, I defended the colors of the Chilean ski in the world and later, I studied Pedagogy, History and Geography. After many years teaching skiing in France and the US, I returned to my native Andes. I ran the ski school La Parva for 11 years and now with two sons who competed for Chile in the last Winter Olympics, I continue to learn, convinced that skiing and mountaineering are a School life I am so proud to promote.


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